Why Siblings Should Have A Significant Age Gap

Many parents think that the smaller the age gap between siblings, the better friends their children will be. Although it may be difficult for children with significant age gaps to bond in the same way, they will have some unique benefits too. Childcare experts from Preschool Rolling Hills Estates, CA shares some of the reasons why sibling age gaps are actually the best.

More one-on-one time :

As parents, you should spend one-on-one time with your kids, and it is extremely important for their healthy development. But having two kids of similar age can hinder this, especially if they are both at a quite demanding stage in their lives.

Lack of sibling rivalry :

One of the worst things to deal with when it comes to siblings is the intense rivalry and jealousy that will undoubtedly occur at least one point during their lives. Most of the parents find it extremely difficult to handle and definitely upsetting.

Extra pair of hands :

If siblings have a significant age gap between them, the elder one can be of great help in taking care of the little one. Having an extra pair of hands is so beneficial that it can turn a terrible day into a good one.

No fighting over toys :

It has been observed by the caregivers of Child Care Rolling Hills Estates, CA, that siblings of a similar age tend to get jealous very easily, especially when it comes to their toys. This jealousy between siblings may lead to a lack of sharing and a whole lot of screaming. But if your children belong to different age groups, they will likely to have separate interests and individual likes and dislikes. This means that they will be less likely to fight over toys.

Less tiring :

Having children is an overwhelming experience, no matter their age. However, younger kids require most of their parents’ time and energy. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that siblings of a similar age can be much more tiring and demanding for any parents.

Extend the parenting years :

Last but not the least, siblings with a larger age gap can extend the parenting role for a few more years. This is definitely an opportunity to enjoy the company of your children a little longer.