Why Preschool Is So Important for Children

Preschool is an early school where children learn from professionally trained teachers the basic education in a playful atmosphere. These academic institutions are different from traditional daycare where children are kept while their parents are engaged in work and other activities. Preschool caregivers emphasize the learning and overall development of the child. Normally children are enrolled in this type of school between the ages of three and five.

Preschool is the place where the education of a child begins and he for the first time gets separated from the comfort zone of his family for a limited time. Gradually he comes in contact with persons who do not belong to his family. Experts say that this school has great importance on a child’s overall education pattern. It is the early school to get introduced to the ABC of learning and other activities. Preschool Palos Verdes Estates, CA states that researches on preschool education have shown that children taught at preschool have better social skill, have better cope up power, have better adaptability and have fewer behavioral problems. During the early age of a child, various dynamic developmental changes occur in the sphere of physical, social, emotional, moral, cognitive, and communicative development. For this reason, basic education in early childhood is so important. The first few years of a child is very vital as it determines the future of the child. Montessori experts say how early age education benefits our child.

  • Preschool is the place where children first meet people other than their family. Social interaction with teachers and other children gives them the lesson to mingle with other people easily in the future. They gradually learn how to behave with a stranger.
  • In preschool children generally learn reading and writing along with some extracurricular activities where they learn to make some shapes with mud, draw pictures or color them, writes the alphabet, and other simple things. Rest of the time they play with other children. This playing; holding crayons, pencils, mud, etc. and other activities help both fine and gross motor development of a child.
  • In early school children are engaged in oral activities like rhyming or reciting poetry or singing music. These activities help to improve oratory skills and develop their vocabulary. Recitation and singing also improve the memory of a child.
  • Toilet training of children is done with extreme care in preschools of Palos Verdes Estates, CA so that they become ready for higher school.
  • Preschool activities also help to grow the self-esteem and self-dignity of children. When they become able to perform a job and get praised by teachers, parents, and peers, confidence grows in them.
  • In preschool children are provided with lots of toys, crayons, foods, etc. and they are told to share those products with their friends. This helps to develop their sharing mentality.
  • Children learn to follow directions from caregivers in this early school and this helps them in their later life when a complicated education system starts.
  • Children who do not go to preschool and directly go to primary school find it difficult to get adjusted to everything. It has been seen that they become slow learners, shy, and cannot mingle with their peers easily.