Top 5 Dr. Seuss books kids should read

Do you know that early reading helps kids to develop their memory, vocabulary, concentration, imagination and life skills? Among many books to offer to your children, Dr. Seuss books have the magical blend of education and entertainment as he is one of the most prominent children's authors of all time. Through his mastery of wordplay and rhyme, he has inspired the imaginations of millions of young readers. Here librarians of Montessori Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, are sharing a list of top 5 books of the author your kids should read.

Green Eggs and Ham:
This is a very popular book written by Dr. Seuss which features the silly and humorous poetry he is known for. You may be surprised to know that this iconic book has just 50 words! Through his use of language and rhyme, and most importantly the character of Sam - I-am, he convinces his readers that a plate of green eggs and ham is the most delicious food in this world.

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you:
This is another selection for the little bookworms to-be. Through this book, Dr. Seuss takes his young readers through the wonderful world of onomatopoeia. If you are a parent of a toddler, who reads out loud to kids, be prepared to make a lot of different sound effects as this book covers blurp blurp and dopp dopp dopp to buzz, all of the noises that you know and even some that you don’t.

The Foot Book:
The simple language and catchy rhyme make this book very popular among the students of Day-care Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. This book is also a great resource to introduce opposite words to the little ones as it has slow feet, quick feet, wet feet, dry feet, low feet, high feet and many more. Moreover, the author’s signature illustrations will keep the young readers thoroughly entertained with each turn of the page.

Hop on Pop:
Hop on Pop is the simplest book written by Dr. Seuss. It has several short poems about a variety of characters and is used as a great resource to introduce basic phonics concepts to pre-schoolers. It is most suitable for reading aloud to toddlers who have just started to blend and read smaller words. This is a very popular book among kids as it is replete with rhyming words strung together in small and simple sentences creating a lot of fun.

The Lorax:
Teachers of Montessori Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, encourage the little nature lovers to read this book for its wonderful message about environmental stewardship that remains relevant event today. Reading this book help kids to understand that mother nature also needs to be taken care of. The classic Seussian language and pictures keep the budding environmental activists engaged while also enlightening and educating.
Dr. Seuss's exclusive and interesting writing style and attractive illustrations capture the hearts of kids worldwide. They are not only hilarious and entertaining; they also use the vocabulary words that children need to learn. Kids who read Dr. Seuss's books in their preschools show their love for reading and a solid literary foundation from an early age.