Some Interesting Facts About Peacock for Kids

A peacock's beauty is unrivalled, and many people just wish to watch a peacock dance as it strives to greet the showers. In Child Care Torrance, CA teachers tellkids about the peacock details which help them see it as more than simply a bird, but as a beautiful creature with many intriguing characteristics surrounding him. Taking him to a zoo or showing him footage of peacocks on the Internet will help him better appreciate the bird and learn more about peacocks.

Incredible Peacock Facts for Kids

We have compiled a list of fascinating facts about peacocks, some of which you may already be aware of and others of which you may be reading for the first time.

Duration of life

Peacocks that live in the wild are constantly threatened by various predators and harsh weather, limiting their entire lifetime to roughly 20 years. Peacocks kept in zoos or other controlled habitats, on the other hand, can survive for up to 40 years.


Peacocks, unlike ducks and other birds, cannot swim in the water. Their feet are designed to grip the ground firmly and lack webbed skin between their toes, allowing other water birds to swim around. Their feathers are also useless in the water.

The plumage

Peacocks come in a variety of colours, but not all of them have the same stunning plumage as the Indian peacock. The Indian peacock is one of the few birds with such a fantastic array of feathers, which it proudly exhibits and produces a stunning pattern with.


Peacocks in the wild encounter multiple threats from various species in their area. Dogs, cats, and other animals that live closer to settlements are more likely to attack peacocks when they are observed. Tigers and other wild creatures pursue the peacocks in the jungles to attack them.

White Peacock

In Daycare Torrance, CA kids get to know the most fascinating facts about the white peacock. Peacocks are often renowned for their colourful plumage, however, a few peacocks are hand-selected to breed selectively, giving rise to female peacocks with white feathers. These are known as white peacocks.

Sixth. Peacock Calls

The sounds of the peacock can be heard among the residents or even on forest safaris. Most cries indicate the approach of a predator, however, peacocks are known to generate phoney calls for amusement. To tease the female peahens, mating noises are used. When they are threatened or annoyed, they tend to produce a lot of noise.


Although peacocks can be seen in the wild, they are considered tamed birds in some locations. In general, they are areas where the weather does not approach extremes. A large open pasture with enough room for each peacock can help keep them happy and lively.


In Torrance CAplayschools children also learn thatthe peacock has an important role in Indian culture and mythology. These birds are thought to symbolise humility and generosity. Peacocks are linked with many gods and goddesses, including Saraswati in Hinduism, Hera in Greeks, and even as a sign of immortality in Christianity