7 Most Common Causes Of Stomachache In Children

Stomach ache or abdominal pain is the most common reason for which a parent has to bring his/her child to a health care professional. Though there is nothing much to be worried about, you should be aware of the common causes of your little one’s frequent stomach aches. There can be numerous reasons for a growing child to get stomach pain. But according to the health care experts of Montessori Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, the following 10 are the most common causes of stomach ache in children.

Introducing new foods normally after 6 months of age, parents start giving solids to their children and this is the time when children’s digestive system is getting used to different types of food. At this phase, children experience frequent stomach pains as they are exposed to different types of new foods.

1. Gas

Gas troubles usually start when babies are just a couple of weeks old and this problem may last until they are 4 or 5 months old. Their underdeveloped digestive system may make it difficult for him to digest formula milk or any other food. He may also feel gassy if he swallows too much air.

2. Incorrect feeding

It has been observed by the caregivers of Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, that the inaccurate feeding procedures can also cause stomach pain in infants. For example, if babies are latched on to your breast incorrectly or they drink milk from a bottle in an incorrect position, they may swallow too much air causing stomach pains.

3. Overfeeding

Many parents tend to overfeed their children without realizing the outcomes of it. If you feed your baby too much, it may affect his digestive system and can lead to a stomach ache or any other digestive problems.

4. Being sensitive to certain foods

If your kids are sensitive to any food or ingredient in the formula milk he drinks, he may develop some allergic reactions and have stomach pain.

5. Lactose overload

Lactose overload occurs when a baby has too much foremilk ( milk at the beginning of a feeding) which is rich in lactose but low in fat. In such cases, the milk rush through his digestive system, and lactose is something that does not get digested easily. In the absence of any fatty content to slow down the digestive process, your baby may feel gassy and may have stomach pain.

6. Colic

According to the caregivers of Montessori Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, colic is also a very common reason for stomach pain in children. You must have experienced situations when despite being fine, your baby is crying continuously because of having colic. Colicky babies also tend to have gas problems as a result of swallowing too much air and may experience abdomen pain.

Apart from the above-mentioned causes constipation, consumption of gassy vegetables, underdeveloped digestive systems, and acid reflux can cause stomach pain in children. Following certain home remedies can ease out these stomach pains. But if it persists, please consult a pediatrician.