Montessori Tips for Parents to Make an Ideal Atmosphere at Home

With schools shut down, daycares not opening for months, and in-house childcare not being an option for many, working parents are juggling with their office work and looking after their children at home during this pandemic situation. One year has gone and no improvement of this situation has started yet because the second wave of this COVID 19 has already been begun in different countries and parents have to keep their juggling on for an uncertain period. For older ones, there may be zoom classes, but for smaller children who are below three, keeping them engage in something is a tough thing. Most of the parents do not know the proper childcare technique.

In this situation parents are advised by childcare experts of Montessori Rolling Hills Estates, CA, to create the ideal environment of Montessori at home for the wellbeing of the children. In this present scenario when parents have to look after their children, better they should learn some child care techniques as early as possible.

Experts of Montessori at Rolling Hills Estates, CA, offer a few easy childcare tips to parents so that they can handle their child properly at home.

  • The first and foremost thing is to baby-proof your house. It means to cover electrical outlets. Place safety latches on the door on the door so that the kids are not trapped inside the room accidentally. Hide all the sharp objects like knives, scissors, etc. in front of the children. Children tend to experiment with these objects and may cut their hands.
  • If you have small babies at your home like one or two years, then you should place a gate inside your house to outline their play areas. Some people think that it is inhuman to restrict them, but it is not so. The gate is for the safety of your babies.
  • Teach your babies independence. Arrange their things in a way so that they can do their work by themselves. Keep their age-appropriate books on the lower shelves of the bookrack so that the books catch the attention of your toddler. Keep their toys in a basket and keep that on one side of the floor so that they can handle them according to their choice. Place their food on the lower shelves of the refrigerator, so that they can take the food whenever they like. Bring a small cupboard and keep their clothes on the lower shelves where they can access and can help themselves in changing that.
  • Respect your children’s wishes and give them adequate freedom. If they do not want to eat, do not force them; better try to figure out the reason why they are so unwilling. Give them space and opportunity to move around. Do not cage them just because it will help you to do work from home without any interruption.
  • Montessori experts also tell you to spend adequate quality time with your children. Hence, every day playing with them for some time and bedtime stories are a must to make a rapport with the children.