How Toddlers Get Benefitted From Using Digital Media

Screen use among kids has exploded over the past decade not only outside of school but also as an educational tool. Between homework, social media, video games, and YouTube videos, many kids rack up six or seven hours of screen time daily. Besides this for the last two years, children are doing online classes because of COVID 19 pandemic issues. Though the situation is getting normal, most of the schools are still running hybrid classes as some parents in this present scenario do not want to send their children to school as everyone below five years and most of them below eleven years are still not vaccinated yet.

We have a notion that digital media isolates family members from one another. Previous guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended no media or screen exposure of children previously. But their new guideline is toddlers up to five years of age may use digital media under the parents’ supervision. A caregiver of a reputed Childcare center in Rancho Palos Verdes CA says that the best way to protect your children is to strike a balance between screen time and real-life human interaction.

A child psychologist in a children’s hospital in Rancho Palos Verdes CA says that certain kinds of digital tools can support family interactions. By using video chat, like Skype, Face time, etc. family members can remain to be connected when in-person interactions may not be possible. AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) prescribes that toddlers may use those video platforms alongside their parents to connect with their near and dear ones. It actually enhances their mental happiness.

According to most Childcare assistants, moderate or limited use of digital media has a positive effect on children. They think that playing certain video games can improve motor skills and coordination. Internet tools, texting, and shared video games are easy and fun ways to socialize and communicate. The most important thing is that in this present scenario various educational institutions are encouraging their students to perform their homework and lessons through the help of digital media, hence, it also provides educational value to children.

Childcare specialists of today think that different smartphone apps can help encourage kids to adopt healthful behaviors such as regular exercise, healthier food choices, and better sleep. Screens encourage learning. Some screen activities allow kids to learn new information in engaging ways.

Technology can elicit exciting topics for conversation and encourage family members to spend time with one another. Through conversation and family time, parents can engage in critical responsive communication that is essential to their child’s healthy development as suggested by the teachers of Montessori.

But it is always better to fix a limit of the time of using the smartphone by your toddlers. Moreover, be conscious about what they are seeing on it. Be sure that the program they are watching on the screen has high educational value. Be sure that your children do not glued to smartphone or laptops for hours because an obsession with anything is harmful. Limitless use of digital media may make kids dull and stupid whereas using digital medial in the right amount and in the right method enhances the skill of your kids.