How To Start A Home School Like Environment For Your Children During Lockdown: 8 Tips

With more and more areas going under lockdown, parents who have never dreamt about homeschooling their children, are looking for information regarding it. If your child’s preschool in Rolling Hills, CA is closed, and you are also thinking about this issue, here are some tips on how to start a home school for your child:

  • First and foremost, you have to make up a schedule and stick to it. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you home school them whenever you are free or feel like. For little ones, especially those who had just started going to a Montessori or preschool before the lockdown, this is very important as it will help them adjust to a school schedule later on when schools reopen. So, keep the schedule as close as possible to actual daycare Rolling Hills, CA timing as possible.
  • Next is the place. That part of your home should be the quietest and free from outside interference. And unless totally avoidable, let your child study here only during his or her “school hours”.
  • Most schools especially higher classes have already started doing online classes for the students. If your child’s school already has started that, half your worries are over. Make sure your child attends them diligently; sit with them so that you know what and how the teachers are giving their lessons so that you can follow that later on.
  • Don’t make each session too long. Best is a class of 30 minutes each for two subjects in the morning, then a break and then two more in the afternoon. You and your partner can switch the subjects based on your preference and strength.
  • As for what to teach, the child’s school is the best guide. Ask them for worksheets and other teaching materials that you can follow easily at home. Most preschool in Rolling Hills, CA will love to help you with that. There are also many websites which give such printable worksheets based on subjects and grade your child is in. You will even find worksheets for arts and crafts classes through them!
  • If your schedule makes it impossible for you to stay and teach your child, then include lesson plans while you do your housework. For example, meal prep time can become a math class. You can teach your little one to count, add, or subtract as you make the ingredients for your lunch or dinner ready.
  • Various organizations are offering interesting videos and live stream for stuck at home children. For example, NASA has some very interesting children-oriented programs for free. National Geographic is providing interesting learning lessons that are engaging and very helpful.
  • Reading is very vital for children going to daycare Rolling Hills, CA. So, dedicate an hour to reading with your child every day. It will not only increase his or her vocabulary and comprehension skills but also inoculate the love of reading in him or her. Most books are found in a digital version including children’s classic; so, buy them or download them on your favorite mobile device and spend the afternoon lost in the world of books with your child.
During this time of lockdown, the playschools and daycares have started the online classes. It is very helpful for the kids as well as the parents to follow the academic and learning schedules. The teachers can guide them through different interesting activities in which the kids can take part actively.