How To Prepare Your Child For Siblings In The Best Way

Making a family complete is the ultimate goal of the parent. It is not good to raise a lonely child. Extending the family is always welcoming. It is like reliving the excitement of becoming a parent time and again. However, this decision can affect your firstborn baby. We all know that the dynamic of each family is different from others and there is no one way of reaction for the child. They can be happy or sad or both at the same time.

You can see lots of videos where the elder kid is seen crying when he first time see the little one. On the other hand, there are other examples of the opposite reaction as well. They may have a preference for gender as well. So, as the parent; it is your duty to make him understand the whole scenario. Prepare his mind in this way that he will welcome the little brother or sister in a cheerful mode.

At first, it may seem challenging for some of the parents to make them understand the advantage of having a sibling, but with time they will take it easy. You can give example of other children of the Child Care Torrance, CA who have siblings.

The way to prepare your child for sibling depends on his age. According to the age of the kid, you can select the most suitable one from these following ways. No matter what way you take, always keep in mind that your child should think himself as part of the process. Remember, it is a very vulnerable time for him and you have to help him to sail through the transition.

Check out some ideas to prepare the kid for siblings:

  • You can select books that have stories on siblings so that they will be excited to know the activities and fun with them.
  • Ask your kid to pick up the color and decoration for the baby room. He may help you to decorate it.
  • Show them the picture and video of the baby time of your kid and other family members. It will excite them a lot.
  • Give him a doll and ask to pretend it as the baby sister or brother. In this way, they will learn to hold the sibling.
  • You can ask the little one to draw a picture or card that they can give the baby after the home arrival.

It is a common incident when the new kid arrives at home the elder one may feel left out. As the parent, you need to make him feel special also. You can set a special date with him or gift him something.

It is also very common that the child feels jealous even during pregnancy. The scenario may turn to worst after the arrival of the baby. You may find a regress behavior like washroom accidents or try to use the bottle or pacifier again just like the newborn. It is completely normal behavior for the child.

It is true that the little one needs lots of attention but you have to spare a good amount of time for the elder kid also after coming back from the Child Care Torrance, CA. You have to work on to strengthen the bond between the siblings.