How To Keep Child Engaged While Working From Home?

In today's fast-paced world, it's difficult to keep kids stay at home for a longer period especially when the parents are working from home. Today we are going to share some tips on how to keep children busy and at the same time, the parents can do their own work.

  • Doing some art and craft works - Children can try to draw their favorite animals, their home, school, friends, park, etc, and can enjoy coloring it. Children love to color pictures. They can also do some simple crafts like making paper boats, airplanes, etc the way they do in the Montessori Torrance, CA.
  • Creating own book- They can be encouraged to build up a short story and draw about it themselves and create their own comics books.
  • Painting - This can be done with cotton balls, with vegetable cut-outs, thumb painting, brush painting, spray painting, tearing and pasting, palm printing to name a few. This can arouse interest in the kids.
  • Doing puzzles- Learning to solve jigsaw puzzles can enhance the intelligence of the kids. There are many jigsaw puzzles suitable for various age groups which can keep children glued to it for hours.
  • Construction toys - Children can build anything as per their imagination with this type of toy. You can find these types of toys in the Montessori Torrance, CA as well. They may build houses, bridges even school buildings and cities with these toys. Other games like Word puzzle, maze, educational games, board games, find the hidden treasure with the help of some clues also are engaging ones.
  • Reading books - The art of making a child read books from a very tender age inculcate the good habit of reading. As a child can hardly read anything, they could be given some big and long books with laminated pages which has colorful pictures in them. Seeing those pictures the child will be interested in going through the book and likewise, it will become a good habit to make books their best friends, according to the teachers of the Daycare Torrance CA. The small kids can have different books on shapes, things they see every day, transport, birds, animals, etc which they will find interesting. Those books should have colorful illustrations though, to catch the kid's attention. A school-going child can have books on space, the universe, robots, fairy tales, moral stories, dinosaurs, dragons, etc as per their interest. A library comprising of books of the child's interest can be a treasure for the child in later years also.
  • Audiobooks - There are many audiobooks available where storytelling for the kids is present. Kids can enjoy listening to those and they can also listen to the podcasts.
  • Cooking and helping in household chores- A child can be given to sort out the laundry, they can help in making some fireless cooking delicacies like making sandwiches, they can fill up water in the bottles, make their own beds, help in dusting, etc.
  • Making their tent house and play there, making things with popsicle sticks, sorting coins, playing with kitchen utensils and water, playing in the garden are some other ways to keep a child engaged when a parent is working from home.