How to help kids to make friends

If you are a parent of a toddler who has started going to his Preschool Torrance, CA, you need to make sure that he is mingling with other children and making new friends in school. In today's world, developing social skills are of supreme importance. Being able to get along well with strangers is the key factor in personal and professional fulfillment. In most cases, these skills do not come naturally; from a very early age, kids need proper training, conditioning, environmental factors and confidence to develop social skills. But many parents would complain that their children are shy and hesitate to talk to new people. Refer to the following tips to help your children make new friends.

Talk to him:
The teachers say parents should sit with their children and encourage them to share their feelings in words. Instead of approaching them through silence or violent actions, you can ask some very basic questions like 'how do you feel?’ or 'why do you feel so?’. You need to understand and respect children’s feelings. While talking, discuss the importance of having friends, read books about friendship and let them realize that it is so much fun to have friends.

Extracurricular activity:
As parents, you should try to help your child discover his strengths and interest as this will help him choose the right place for him to learn social skills. Whichever activity he enjoys, let him enroll for the class and explore the opportunities to learn to talk to others and making new friends.

Play date:
Preschool Torrance, CA teachers encourage parents to organize play dates with the neighborhood children in the community. Going to play dates give children enough opportunity to meet and play with other kids. Help them to plan the activities for the play date. While playing with other kids, they will understand that everybody is unique in their own way and we should accept people how they are. They will also learn to play in groups, share ideas, thoughts, and resources, and can expand their knowledge on different topics.

Be a role model:
Being parents, it is your responsibility to demonstrate positive social behavior in front of your children. They learn by example so be mindful of how you interact with others. Every time you have a conversation with your friends or neighbors or even the checkout person at the supermarket, they observe you and all these situations become learning opportunities allowing them to see how you join in, negotiate and problem solve.

The family get together:
According to the teachers, family get together plays a very important role in developing children’s social skills. Attending family gatherings or inviting extended family members to your house provides ample scope when children can mingle with other family members. This will make them feel confident to go out and make new friends.

Fixing the problem:
If certain social situations are difficult for your children, you may rather avoid or ignore the problem, but they will not learn to improve relationships by always sitting alone at home. If your child is shy, it is important to push him to go beyond his comfort zone and explore new situations.

More than everything else, your gentle coaching and constant encouragement has the magic power to do the wonder for your kids.