How to Develop naturalistic Intelligence in Your Kids

Are your kids inquisitive about nature and how different habitats work? Do they frequently ask questions about where different animals live and what they eat? Do they often question different natural processes like how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly or how volcanoes explode?

They may be ‘nature smart’. Naturalistic Intelligence, or as it is popularly known, ‘nature smart’ is an aptitude some kids possess that makes them curious about the different happenings in the natural world. They feel attracted to the behavior and patterns of animals and plants in a natural setting.

Naturalistic intelligence is a skill to make significant distinctions among organisms and entities in the natural world. According to the Montessori Torrance CA teachers, kids with this skill are interested in the subjects like biology, zoology, botany, geology, and astronomy from a very young age.

Some common characteristic of children who are "nature smart":

  • Observe patterns and attributes in the natural space around them.
  • Can easily identify with nature and living organisms.
  • Collecting and organizing various item from nature
  • Good observation power
  • Ability to differentiate between similar items and find differences.
  • Extremely aware of the environment and how it is affected by human beings.
  • Love reading books or watch documentaries about the various natural phenomena in the world.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, camping, and going out for a nature walk.

Do these behaviors similar to the way your kids act? Then your kids are naturally smart and as parents, it is your responsibility to develop their interest in nature and the environment. If you are wondering about how to support your kids, then you can try these ways to start with.

Activities that develop natural intelligence in children:

Encourage free outdoor play: In Childcare Torrance CA, playschool teachers believe it is essential for kids to have some unstructured playtime. This would enhance their creative skills as they indulge in imaginative play. But when they go outdoors for free play, they can improvise and use different elements of nature to create stories on their own. This will not only help them bond more with nature but also sharpen their observational skills.

Provide Sensory Experiences: Children with naturalistic intelligence have a keen sense of smell, sight, hearing, and touch. So, try to provide them with experiences where they will be able to use their senses like encourage them to draw in the sand or listen to the various natural sounds with their eyes closed.

Take your child for a nature walk: Child Care teachers often take their kids for a nature walk and encourage them to explore nature in various ways. For example, playing scavenger hunt in the garden or asking kids to collect leaves of different shapes and sizes would definitely strengthen children’s naturalistic intelligence.

Growing a plant: If you want to develop your child’s naturalistic intelligence, inspire him to grow a plant. He can sow the seeds, provide all the needs and watch them grow into a plant. This would also make him more responsible towards his natural environment