How can You Boost Your Child’s Brain Development

Do you have children at home? Then you must always be on the lookout for ways to raise smart, happy, and intelligent children. In today’s competitive world, being intelligent is imperative as it plays an important role in ensuring success. It is something that develops right from childhood days. Besides all the reading and playing you are doing with your kids to sharpen their brain. Moreover the Motessorie trained teachers think that green spaces and parks have magical effects on your child’s brain development.That’s why, most of the child care and preschools in Rolling Hills Estate, CA have parks and fields for the children to play.

Yes, it true that children who grow up close to parks and green spaces are more likely to develop a better attention span – a crucial skill that determines their overall development and academic performance. These kids tend to perform better in attention tests and have enhanced cognitive development.

The connection between green spaces and brain development :

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More physical activity:

If children live near green spaces or parks their daily physical activity tends to go up due to visits to the park, participating in different outdoor activities, and playing in the swings or slides. Outdoor activities help children to be healthy and strong. Once they feel physically fit their mind becomes more active. Moreover, spending time in nature is a healthier way of spending time as opposed to screens which may even give birth to various developmental problems.

Promote social connections :

Caregivers of Child Care have observed that most of the time children make their first friends at the park. Going to a park regularly has the potential to boost children’s socio-emotional development. As they play in the park, they learn to communicate and get along with others.

Reduce exposure to air pollution and noise :

Living near green spaces or parks protects kids from both air and noise pollution which improves their overall quality of life, health, and the ability to concentrate.

Besides the above, there are many other ways you can help boost your child’s brain development. They are as follows :

  • Encourage your children to take up eco-friendly project ideas such as visiting a farm or star gazing. This will spark their interest in the world around them.
  • Consider planting some trees and shrubs in your surrounding area, or start a small garden in your balcony or backyard.
  • Go on holidays and weekend trips to areas with lots of green spaces.
  • Montessori teachers suggest parents decorate their houses using nature-themed items like natural fragrances, flowers, etc.
  • Arrange for playdates and take your children to meet their friends.
  • Encourage your children to participate more in outdoor activities in school.
  • You can also speak to the school authority to arrange green spaces in and around the school campus(if there is no green space in school).
  • Encourage your children to take interest in nature by pointing out different types of birds, flowers, insects, plants, leaves, etc. This will definitely help them to go outside and explore the world around them.