5 Ways Preschoolers Can Outsmart Their Parents

If you are the parents of toddlers, then you must know that sometimes they work ten times faster than their parents. They may even point out your mistakes. Most of the time we tend to ignore their ‘warnings’ until we realize that they were right all along. Yes, there are plenty of times when these little superheroes may outsmart you. Have you experienced it already or not yet?

Parents usually take their children’s words with a pinch of salt, but Preschool Torrance CA kids can pose some fascinating questions or even can give you solutions to a problem. Have you ever been in any of these situations when your little one has out-thought you?

The Funny Moments When Kids Outsmart Their Parents:

Math Problems: If your child is already a whiz at math, teaching him to add fractions can be daunting. If you do any mistake or get a sum wrong in the whole process of teaching him addition, be prepared to receive a cold stare. When kids are particular about some things, you also need to maintain a certain level of perfection and preparedness in that. Otherwise, you may face some embarrassing situations where your child may solve problems even before you.

The Tooth Fairy Issue: The tooth fairy story has always excited children. They even look forward to gifts in exchange for a fallen tooth. You need to bring you’re a-game if you are willing to fulfill your tooth fairy duties. If you forget to place money or a gift under his pillow, he will ask your questions, and sometimes answering those questions become so tough. In such cases, if you have to tell a cover-up story, please make sure the story is believable enough otherwise he will be quick to catch your lies.

Finding Things in The House: In Torrance, CA playschools teachers have observed that kids always ask for help when they cannot find things around their house or classroom. Despite the proper instructions, they can not find out their lost toys. However, when you decide to pack up the toys and clothes they no longer use and place them in the remotest corner of the house, they can easily find them out. If such things happen, be prepared to receive a volley of questions to answer like “Mon, did you pack this toy up?”

Not on Song: You must be surprised to notice that your kids know the lyrics of the songs they like. So, if you are planning to sing the songs along with them, please make sure you also know the lyrics. Messing up with the lyrics may not be a great deal for you, but for them, it is a serious offense. Your preschoolers will be quick to point out your mistakes.

Video Gaga: Child Care experts have noticed that kids can master any video game quite easily. So, if you think you can play faster than your little ones, then you must be dreaming. They will play faster than you and sometimes can even beat you.