4 Common Diseases Your Child Might Bring From His Preschool

As your child starts his Preschool Torrance CA, he will be in a very new kind of environment. Along with new things, he will learn every day and make friends, there are chances he might bring some common diseases from his school. You can eliminate the dangerous ones by making sure that the Montessori Torrance, CA you choose insist on full immunization of the pupils enrolled there. But for some common ones, here are the symptoms and how to handle them :

  1. Pinkeye or Conjunctivitis : One of the most common diseases a child can pick up from his playschool is pinkeye or conjunctivitis. This is a bacterial or viral disease where the eye of the infected person turns red, and there is excessive fluid discharge and not to mention swollen eyelid. Though non-fatal, it can turn your child very cranky and prone to tears. To prevent it, if the teacher spots a child with red-eye and other such symptoms, the child must be immediately removed from the classroom. The children should be taught not to touch anything the infected person has been touching. Pink eye is spread through touch from the affected person. If your child is the one down with it, first thing, don’t send him to school. Alert the school authority so that students and parents can be aware of the situation.

  2. Head Lice : Children playing together inevitably mean someone with lice passing it on to healthy children which are why you must choose a Preschool Torrance, CA with a dedicated head lice policy. Still, if your child is scratching his head all the time, and is irritated with poor sleep, then check his scalp for head lice. If it is your worst fear, then immediately alert the school and other children he plays with. There are specific shampoo and medication for lice, some are over the counter while others are to be prescribed; buy one as per your need. One extreme step is to shave the child’s hair; if that is not feasible, the treatment and shampoo should be continued for at least two weeks with a gap in between. You also need to comb his hair with specific nit comber to get read of eggs. Send the child to school only after there is no nit or live lice.

  3. Common Cold : Another very infectious disease but non-fatal, the common cold is spread through touch. So, to prevent it, teach your children not to touch his eyes, mouth or nose if someone is class has cold. The common symptom is running nose, cough, and sore throats. More than making the child ill, the common cold makes them very cranky. Over the counter, age-appropriate medicine will help him require, but if the cold persists for more than 7 days and there is high fever, consulting a doctor is a must.

  4. Stomach Flu : Another common disease your child may pick up from his Montessori Torrance, CA is stomach flu or Gastroenteritis. It can be bacterial, viral or even due to a parasite. A common symptom includes diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and fever. To prevent it, your child must be taught to always wash his hand before food and avoid contact with someone who has the stomach bug.