6 Christmas Party Games For Preschoolers

Whether you are a teacher or mom of a preschooler this Christmas season means arranging party games for a group of boisterous children. So, to help you out, here are some party ideas you can try out at the next party you host for your kids and their friends of Preschool Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Pinning the nose of the snowman
This version of the classic pin the donkey’s tail game will be a sure hit with your childcare Rancho Palos Verdes, CA crowd. All you have to do is make a paper outline of a snowman, draw the eyes, mouth and a red hat for the snowman. Attach the snowman into aboard. Then cut some cardboard in the shape of carrots and paint them orange. Stick double-sided tape to it. Don’t forget to make more than one. Now blindfold the children, give them a spin and let them pin the nose of the snowman.

Hunt for Candy Cane
This is a game suitable for places that have a large area or even multiple rooms. Hide candy canes all over the place. Then let those little treasure hunters free and set a timer. The one with the highest number of canes collected wins! Of course, the candy canes also become theirs.

Draw a snowman
This is one game that will make even the most fidgety child in your preschool Rancho Palos Verdes standstill. All you need is a sharpie or colored pens and some paper plates. The participants have to stand with the plates on the head. They can hold them with one hand, and with others try to draw a snowman. It can be of two versions; if the kids are a little older, you can try a timed version. For those younger, you can give orders like “make a circle”, “draw the smiley face”, etc. and they draw. You can choose two winners; one with the most perfect drawing and one with the most ridiculous one.

Christmas bingo
Bingo is always a fun party game and you can create a Christmas themed one by printing sheets with blocks of images all related to Christmas. You will also have to make some cards for them as well. Give each child a colored pen and let them color the matching images as you pick out the cards.

Who am I?
This party favorite children’s game can be adjusted to be holiday-themed if you print out various character names associated with Christmas like frosty the snowman, Rudolf the reindeer, etc. Like the classic game, each child picks a card and it is attached on their head with a headband in such a way that others can see what is in the card and not the child. Others tell him or her clues about his/her identity and they guess. The one who guesses the fastest wins.

Matching numbers mitten
This game will not only be fun but educational to your preschoolers in childcare Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Cut various colored marble papers in the form of mittens in pairs. In one, write a number and then on the other write corresponding dots. The one who matches them fastest wins.