Adoption vs Submission: How does Montessori Philosophy leave lasting impressions?

There are many parents who keep postponing admissions to a Montessori Rolling Hills, CA program out of the fear that their child might still be too tender to move out of the house and face the outside world. Our tip for such parents is: your fear is just delaying the eventuality. The caring attitude towards children which the staffs at any Montessori or Preschool in Rolling Hills, CA have towards the students would make your child happy. Yes, the child would learn something new every day while at the preschool, but you might not find it too discernible. Montessori programs are in favor of using a slow and steady teach method to make sure that your child’s growth is sustainable and not temporary. The life skills your child learns at a Montessori school linger on for the rest his/her life.

One of the core differences to Montessori teaching against the method followed by parents at home is: using adoption rather than submission. As parents, you are the best well-wisher of your kid, but there are instances when you lose the cool. Yes, children can be very stubborn in picking up new habits and skills. But the Montessori or preschool teachers have to master the art of Patience. And they do not lose their cool.

It is easy to understand the difference between the two methods. As humans, we do not like something to be enforced upon us. We are free-spirited and “submission” is a state where you are forced to learn something. While the “submission” way of teaching might show instant results, it is not something that gets engrained in the minds of children. They do things out of fear, rather than taking a thoughtful approach about it. Sadly, most parents use “submission” philosophy to teach their children. Do not believe it yet? Let us give you some examples.

Example 1. Your child is reluctant to let go of another kid’s toys. You request the child to amend his/her behavior, for a couple of times, and when the child does not abide you take the toy away and give it to the other kid. The child understands that you are not happy and does not resist much. But what you have done is forced the child to submit. Isn’t it?

Example 2. A guest comes over at your home, you ask the child to greet the guest. The child is too busy in his own play world. You ask him/her a couple of times, and then raise your voice or act strongly. The child soon obliges and greets the guest in a trembling voice. You win, but the child does not greet willingly.

These were just two examples that readily come to mind. There might be many such scenarios if you think about it.

On the other hand, teachers at Montessori in Rolling Hill, CA do not use strong actions. They request and keep on requesting, use other children as role models and teach such skills in a fun-filled way. In due course of time, the teachings get engrained into the brain and they become a part and parcel of the child’s behavior. So, the child adopts skills learned at Preschool Rolling Hill, CA.