5 Tips On How To Teach Montessori Children Hygiene And Healthy Living

Personal hygiene is something everyone should learn young; good habits once inoculated in a young mind, will help them grow into a healthy adult. It is all the more important this year when the whole world is besieged with a pandemic. So, it is all the more important that children going to Montessori in Torrance CA learn in detail about hygiene and healthy habits. Here are some to help you out:

  • Start with oral care. The best way to make them remember the right technique of brushing and making it fun is to teach them through song and dance. YouTube can help you out in that endeavor. The catchier it is, the better the children will remember it
  • Next comes hand washing. This is so much important now than before and you have to teach them the right way to wash their hands. You can stick a poster of the steps of washing hands above the washbasin so that children can follow it. Again, a song and dance routine will make it fun and easy to remember for the children. The next thing to teach is when to wash their hands which is before any meal, after playtime and coming from outside in general, and also after visiting the washroom. Also, show them how to properly take care of their nails like how to see that they are clean. The parents also need to be involved in it as these should be maintained in the home as well.
  • Along with the emphasis on hygiene, children should also be taught about good food habits. If your preschool in Torrance, CA offers a meal, make sure you have a nutritionist on board to create a healthy diet for your children. Seasonal fruits should be a part of it, and you can also teach them about fruits and why they are good for them during mealtime. Again, the parents need to be involved in this as encouraging healthy eating and not taking too many sugary things should also be followed at home. If your school children bring their own lunch, you can have guidelines regarding what they can or cannot bring a lunch.
  • Anxiety and stress are increasingly becoming common even among younger children and so healthy living should include basic breathing exercises. Hence, keep time in your Montessori in Torrance, CA for deep breathing each day. It can be a five-minute exercise where the teacher deep breathes at least three times with the children. This will not only get fresh oxygen to their brains and make them energetic but also calm them down. So, do it around the discharge time or in the afternoon nap time.
  • Apart from teaching them hygiene and healthy living, you should also teach them about safety precautions. You can never tell when an emergency may arise, so even preschoolers need to know how to dial 911 when there is an emergency. You can play-act certain scenarios and teach them how to handle it and when to call 911. Another basic safety guideline that you should teach in your preschool in Torrance, CA is about electronic devices.